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Why is the new knowledge generated by universities is not transformed into products and services that are relevant to the market?

Why is the market still seeking to solve complex problems without the help of research institutions and universities?

With the desire to transform this reality, in 2011, we created Siena Idea, whose purpose is to promote open innovation for companies that understand innovation as a corporate strategy. Through our own team and with the intensive collaboration of universities, research centers, startups, large corporations, investors and class institutions, we have built a complete portfolio of corporate innovation services to systemically generate world-class products, services and programs with high level of innovation.

Services Portfolio

We have a unique portfolio of corporate innovation services to serve companies that are in the early stages of innovation management, as well as companies that have already established a culture of innovation. The creation of our portfolio has as a logical path: observe, try out, and then scale, up to the point the company will establish its own innovation culture.


If your company still does not have innovation as part of its culture, we understand that the first step is to observe a cluster of innovation. Understand how it operates, understand what it produces, and begin to identify its likely partners on this path of open innovation. This service includes visits directed to a cluster of innovation, promotion of events to promote your company in the cluster and a periodic clipping of news pertinent to the company's interest.

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For companies that already want to experience open innovation, the best route is to enter a cycle of innovation. This cycle includes from sessions of ideation to identify and validate ideas for relevant problems in your company, to the construction and delivery of an innovative product or service to the market. Depending on the complexity of the project, the cycles can be 6, 12 or 24 months. In this period, our multidisciplinary team, together with other actors of the innovation cluster will be dedicated to the delivery of the project and concurrently lead the company's professionals to prove open innovation in full.


For companies that need to accelerate the innovation process and eventually have their own Open Innovation Center. In order to do this, it needs to train its professionals so that they know how to engage in innovation clusters, how to implement open innovation programs and how to act to strengthen the innovation cluster to which they belong. This service includes stages of submersion in local innovation clusters, training in innovation management and exchange with world-class innovation clusters.

The Φ Factor

We work as an interface between academia, São Paulo´s research institutes and the corporate market. We significantly contribute with each one of these players to develop open innovation for large companies

As an innovation studio with a multidisciplinary team that values collaboration, simplicity and agility, we deliver open innovation through world-class products and programs.


Deliver open innovation through world class products and programs.


Enable an effective flow of knowledge between academia and the corporate market creating tangible values for the global market.


Simplicity as a lifestyle.

Extreme collaboration environment.

An odd sense of urgency.

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